Brycomm chooses smartengine for their new HQ [ENG]


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Key data:
Project // BryComm Headquarters
Location // Hutto, Texas
Client // BryComm, LLC
Project Size // 35,000 ft²
Installed technology // 9 smartengines and 1 smartdirector 
Supplier // wtec


Two years ago, BryComm chose to deploy the smartengine technology at their HQ in Hutto, TX. This update to the article is based on data and information gathered in October 2021.


BryComm’s HQ has a daily cost for lighting of around $4.33. This is possible thanks to smartengine’s centralized power and control and fine mesh sensor network, with approximately one (1) sensor deployed per every 105 square feet. BryComm is able to set location specific lighting events and policies, per fixture day light harvesting and adjust high end trim in peak hours allowing for an average lighting power density (LPD) of 0.13 W/sqft.

Space Analytics

Since the initial smartengine deployment the BryComm team has grown from 150 to 230 employees. With this level of growth in an already built space, it can sometimes lead to reduced employee well-being and overcrowding, but not in this case as the management of BryComm was able to use the smartengine sensor data and space analytics tool to understand usage and make data driven decisions for their space. Initially, moving teams around allowed for their KPI’s to be met until the space at hand could finally no longer be reconfigured to create more room within the confines of the built space. A decision was then made to reconfigure a portion of the warehouse into a two story office.


Flexible and Scalable

With the plans to convert a portion of their warehouse to a two story office, the BryComm team worked with wtec’s sales engineering and project management team to design their new space. As the smartengine infrastructure is deployed over Cat 5e or better data cables, the BryComm team was able to recycle all of the warehouse fixture data cables and reuse them for the new office space light fixtures, allowing for both a speedy and sustainable renovation and fit out.

Floor Plan

The smartengine Floor Plan tool provides two main benefits to the team in Hutto, TX. First, they are able to use the tool for view and click management of their lighting control system. Second, they are able to use the floor plan in a view only mode to display occupancy and vacancy of their meeting rooms, shared desks and bookable offices. This allows their employees to quickly and efficiently find a space to meet their needs.

Brycomm chooses smartengine for their new HQ [ENG]

BryComm chooses smartengine to make their new Headquarters in Austin, Texas a future-proof and smart building that saves energy.

Key data:
Project // BryComm Headquarters
Location // Austin, Texas
Client // BryComm, LLC
Project Size // 31,000 ft² (2,900 m²)
Installed technology // 7 smartengines and 1 smartdirector 
Supplier // wtec

Company profile and growth story of BryComm

BryComm is the Central Texas leader in design engineering, installation, and maintenance of voice, data, audio, video, DAS, life safety, and security for various types of media including copper, fiber, and wireless. BryComm has experience serving local commercial, healthcare, and government clients and has a reputation statewide for reliability, customer satisfaction, and cutting-edge technology. BryComm’s success has earned them a spot on the Austin Business Journal’s “Fast 50”, a ranking of the fastest-growing companies, for two years running. BryComm has grown from 20 employees in 2013 to more than 150 employees in 2019. This rapid growth is the reason behind BryComm’s new headquarters.

“Having tripled in size, we needed a location that could accommodate our existing personnel and operations needs while leaving room for future growth.” Cory Brymer, BryComm President, and CEO.

BryComm’s new Headquarters will be a 31,000ft² tilt-wall building, with approximately 12,000ft² (1,100m²) of office space and 19,000ft² (1,800m²) of warehouse space. The building sits on a little more than 6 acres of land and is planned to be completed in January 2020.

Interview smartengine - BryComm

Timothy Miscovich and David Giron of wtec sat down with Cory Brymer to learn more about BryComm’s new headquarters and their decision to use smartengine.

wtec: Cory, can you explain us why BryComm decided to use a Power over Ethernet smart lighting solution? 

Cory: There were multiple incentives to use Power over Ethernet – or short PoE – in our new Headquarters. First, as a leader in technology, we wanted to “walk the walk” and be pioneers with innovative technologies. Also, PoE solutions go hand in hand with BryComm’s line of business, making it a very interesting idea.

So you also see the smartengine technology as something that your clients might be interested in?

Exactly. So we not only believe in the technology from an owner or user perspective but so much that we want to include the technology and lead with it as one of the services we provide.
Second, we wanted to have an energy efficient solution. Having a state of the art facility should not just be about having innovative technologies but also about being environmentally friendly.  Lastly, smartengine provides much more than a traditional lighting solution. A big part is the occupancy data.

BryComm has grown faster than many other companies over the last two years. How does occupancy data help you?

As the company keeps growing, we want to be prepared and have an understanding of how our office space is being used. This helps us drawing the right conclusions and use our space in the most efficient way.

From all the different PoE solutions, why choose smartengine? 

After looking at multiple PoE solutions, many things stood out about smartengine. It’s track record, the ease of installation and the fact that smartengine is agnostic in many regards.

What do you mean?

smartengine is fixture and cable agnostic, so we had more options. We contemplated other solutions but they required us to do line voltage to power the warehouse and PoE for the office space. With some adjustments, smartengine was able to power the entire building. Also, smartengine provides a complete solution from one hand while most other PoE solutions use a third-party switch, with third party nodes or drivers, third party sensors and more. With other complex solutions, what happens when something fails? Who is responsible? The complexity of other solutions made smartengine simplicity stand out.

Simplicity seems to be very important. Right?

Yes. Not only is it important for the operation phase, but also for the installation phase. Ease of install and flexibility are key criteria. smartengine is a true plug-and-play solution that allows for a fast install. Also, as the company continues to grow, flexibility is becoming very important. Smartengine allows for easy and fast changes to the office space without having to get a third party involved.

What else convinced you as a decision maker about smartengine?

New technology is great, but it needs to work. So a strong track record is important. We were comfortable with smartengine because we were familiar with it and know that it has a long track record of successful implementation and proven results. Some of the other differentiators were that smartengine has an open API, BACnet integrations, and emergency lighting. 

Let’s talk about data. Some people say data will become more and more important. What do you think and how will you use the sensor data from smartengine?

The sensor data will play a key role in using office space efficiently. If we continue to grow, occupancy data will help analyse and understand how we can be more efficient with our space.

Smart Buildings connect people and places and create new use cases or possibilities. What are some of the most attractive integrations for you?

We will start with a few basic integrations such as meeting room booking, and security cameras. Eventually, we are looking to build up to heat mapping, and HVAC and BMS integrations.

BryComm’s new HQ will be a state of the art facility. How important was it to have an innovative solution such as Smartengine?

We wanted to implement a forward-thinking solution. Adopting smartengine serves for tremendous advantages today. I am also confident there are many things we aren’t aware of today that will benefit from having smartengine in the building. It’s open infrastructure makes buildings future proof. We also believe a state or the art facility should be environmentally friendly. smartengine is the most efficient lighting technology that we have seen. We wanted a future thinking technology that allows us to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.