smartengine in practice

With over 500 completed projects and a total of more than 15 million square feet of space, we have been able to gather a wealth of experience in various fields of application since 2012. Our technology always leads to a user-oriented, efficient and sustainable building for its owners, tenants and users. Have a look at how our product performs in practice.

  • Solihull / 42,000 sq.ft

Case study

In the Gymshark project, over 500 luminaires and 450 smartsensors were installed entirely via structured cabling. Thanks to smartengine, the building now has many functions such as Human Centric smartLighting (HCsL), controllable white light for product design functions and room analysis tools.  These and other applications support Gymshark’s rapid growth.

  • Bad Homburg / 45,000 sq.ft

Case study

“accadis goes green!” Under this motto, Professor Dr. Kexel, managing partner of the accadis international school, decided on a smartengine installation. Up to 80% energy savings in lighting were achieved in the classrooms and in the accadis lounge.

  • Frankfurt / 10,000 sq.ft

Case study

Increased feel-good climate for customers and employees. Recognition of congestion times in different areas of the hotel. Simple operation of lighting scenarios for events. Better and uniform illumination with over 80 % energy saving for lighting.

  • Bad Vilbel / 30,000 sq.ft

Case study

Implementation of smartengine in the largest owner-managed REWE store in the Rhine-Main region. The smartsensors enable the analysis of customer behavior and, based on this, the optimization of the space in favor of better turnover, while reducing total energy consumption by an average of 34%.

  • Vienna / 33,000 sq.ft

Case study

Thanks to the intelligent smartengine solution, AMS employees benefit from a pleasant working atmosphere while at the same time optimizing energy consumption.

  • Eschbach / 24,487 sq.ft

Case Study

Improved production conditions, including better
quality control lighting and environmental lighting,
whilst reaching substantial cost reductions for lighting

  • Austin / 31,000 sq.ft

Case study

BryComm chooses smartengine to make their new Headquarters in Austin, Texas a future proof and smart building that saves energy.
Timothy Miscovich and David Giron of wtec sat down with Cory Brymer to learn more about BryComm’s new headquarters and their decision to use smartengine.