smartengine solves current and future challenges

We increase employee satisfaction, optimize space utilization and reduce operating costs.

Smart buildings go beyond optimising operation and improving the work space environment. Modern and flexible work spaces as well as the growing importance of employee satisfaction, present companies with new challenges. Buildings today are measured depending on productivity-enhancing and inspiring environment. At the same time, they should be economical and flexible.

Increase employee productivity

Easy to find meeting rooms or workplaces, increase the performance and motivation of employees in their daily work. With the help of real-time motion data from the smartengine solution, employees can search and book free workstations and meeting rooms. With this data, search times can be significantly reduced. This effect can also be improved by applications such as indoor navigation, asset tracking and people finding. Sensors with Bluetooth beacons make this possible.

Optimize space utilization

Many companies have little or no information about how employees, customers and other users utilize “space”. A visualization of the real-time occupancy, as well as the analysis of historical data are available through smartengine’s software solutions. Based on the collected data, both the current allocation and use of space and the planning of future requirements, can be optimized.

Optimize building operation

The accurate data on temperature, brightness and presence, can be used to influence multiple systems in the building. By integrating the data into the building management system (BMS), operating costs can be reduced by up to 40 percent. This is made possible by user or presence-based control of lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning.

Human Centric smart Lighting

The natural daily rhythm with biodynamic light, the so-called Human Centric Lighting (HCL) has proven to improve employee efficiency. With smartengine we call it Human Centric smart Lighting (HCsL), due to its use of daylight harvesting, which leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption. HCsL is also suitable for the optimal presentation of goods in retail.

smartengine brings IoT into the building

The unique system architecture reduces the multiple technologies in a building

The smartengine technology provides the base infrastructure for an intelligent building. The multifunctional sensor technology covers the necessary hardware and the data basis for all currently important use cases for users, tenants, operators and owners. Power network infrastructure for lighting and the BUS system will be replaced by a single data cable. No further infrastructure is required. In this way, the buildings are completely networked. Control takes place in real time and is fail-safe. The data is stored exclusively locally on the smartdirector.


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