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Our technology reduces operating costs and increases the sustainability of your property

Based on the world’s most innovative and efficient light supply system, we enable intelligent applications for our customers and users. New and flexible forms of work (“New Work”) as well as the growing importance of employee satisfaction confront companies with new challenges. Buildings are nowadays also measured by whether they provide a productivity-enhancing and inspiring environment. Smart buildings are both more sustainable and more economical in operation due to their technical equipment.

Optimize building operation

The smartengine technology is the most energy efficient lighting system worldwide! It can save up to 34% of building operating costs. This is made possible by presence-based control of light on the one hand and sensor-based control of heating, air conditioning and ventilation on the other hand. In addition, the very precise data on temperature, brightness and presence, which are obtained by the fine-meshed sensor technology of the smartengine technology, result in many more possible applications.

Sustainability through digitalization

The demands on modern buildings with regard to their energy efficiency are already very high today. A property built to current standards is therefore generally designed to be sustainable right from the start. The limits of the energy savings possible through structural adjustments and the effort required for this seem to be exhausted. The facades and windows are insulated, the heating system works efficiently, what else is possible? The exact values of the possible savings through smartengine technology are provided by a current study by RWTH Aachen University. According to this study, the use of smartengine optimizes the energy savings of a building – for example up to 29 % in open-plan offices. In addition, up to 29 Leed points (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification) can be positively influenced by using the smartengine solution.

Optimize space utilization

Many companies have little or no information about how employees, customers and other users utilize “space”. A visualization of the real-time occupancy, as well as the analysis of historical data are available through smartengine’s software solutions. Based on the collected data, both the current allocation and use of space and the planning of future requirements, can be optimized.

User Experience

Easy to find meeting rooms or workplaces, increase the performance and motivation of employees in their daily work. With the help of real-time motion data from the smartengine solution, employees can search and book free workstations and meeting rooms. With this data, search times can be significantly reduced. This effect can also be improved by applications such as indoor navigation, asset tracking and people finding. Sensors with Bluetooth beacons make this possible.

Human Centric Lighting

The natural daily rhythm with biodynamic light, the so-called Human Centric Lighting (HCL) has proven to improve employee efficiency. With smartengine we call it Human Centric smart Lighting (HCsL), due to its use of daylight harvesting, which leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption. HCsL is also suitable for the optimal presentation of goods in retail.


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Here's how the technology works:

  • Fine-Mesh-Sensornetwork
  • Typical Deployment
  • Interfaces


smartengine is a building intelligence and lighting control platform designed to power lights and sensors over an IT network infrastructure backbone. Sensors are deployed throughout a space and communicated with in real time to deliver advanced insights throughout the entire built environment. The sensors detect motion, brightness, temperature, air quality, bluetooth data and per fixture power consumption. All data is automatically delivered to the smartengine in real time. The networking of rooms and buildings via sensors makes it possible to quickly obtain a detailed understanding of how spaces are being used, all the while delivering best in class lighting energy consumption, often measured between 0.1-0.3 W/ft².

Typical Deployment

The smartengine deployment is based on standard network cables that connect all components: LED lights, smartsensors and central active components, the so-called „smartengines“ and the „smartdirector“. The smartdirector manages up to 2000 smartsensors, collects all sensor data and serves as an interface (open API and BACnet/IP) to external components such as a Building Management System (BMS). The smartengines are used to power LED-lights and sensors while simultaneously gathering and distributing sensor data. This approach greatly reduces design complexity and installation cost, while at the same time providing a communication infrastructure for the entire building.

Open API & BACnet

Using smartengine and it’s out of the box interfaces is an easy way to generate more value from your smartengine solution and thereby your building. The smartengine-technology features an open API and a BACnet/IP stack with which you can access and share all sensor data from your built space. With BACnet/IP, you can establish two-way communication between smartengine and your building management system (BMS) and its subsystems (e.g. your HVAC system). The Open API is used to integrate 3rd party applications into your smartengine solution. With our open API (rAPI & uAPI) you can access all of your smartsensor data, allowing for various Use Cases, such as asset & people tracking and Hot Desking.


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