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Various industries benefit from our technology

With over 500 completed projects and 15 million square feet of space, since 2011. Our technology is easy to understand, efficient and sustainable for the building’s owners, tenants and users. Click here to find out how we support different industries with our solutions.

For Investors

Intelligent buildings for more sustainability

Intelligent buildings enable numerous new applications and added value. In order to remain competitive in the rental and investor market and to meet future requirements, it is worth investing in state-of-the-art technology. Buildings with smartengine technology are IoT-capable, future-proof and guarantee investors the value stability of their investment. The smartengine technology is sustainable and is constantly being further developed. The finely meshed sensor network provides real-time data in the most secure way, on the basis of which relevant analyses and applications are possible for tenants, users and operators. Intelligent buildings with smart engine technology are up to 34% more energy efficient and thus make a valuable contribution to sustainability and CO2 reduction. So you can meet tomorrow’s limits and legal requirements today.

For tenants

Better work environment and energy efficiency

Employees who feel comfortable in their office are not only more motivated, but also more productively. Intelligent applications, utilization concepts, pleasant lighting and a good room climate can make a decisive contribution to creating an optimum working atmosphere. In addition, this also increases your attractiveness as an employer. This requires intelligent, user-centered control and usage data. In order to be able to make the right decisions regarding the space, you need a well-founded database for the utilization of your space, which the smartengine technology can deliver. In addition, you can reduce your energy costs by up to 34%

For retail

The technology for a sustainable shopping experience

Retail operators want to understand how and when their customers move through the store. Such movement and concentration analyses help to correctly design the store layout and place goods. This leads to longer customer stays and a better customer experience. The customer can be made aware of articles with the help of beacon-based communication. In addition, this technology helps in the search for articles and thus promises an excellent shopping experience. The result: better customer understanding as well as higher sales and stronger customer loyalty.

For architects and planners

Established technology for modern buildings

The demand for intelligent building systems characterizes new buildings and revitalizations in the commercial sector. The importance of intelligent buildings will continue to grow in the future and requires an understanding of which technologies play a role. It is important that these technologies meet all security and data protection requirements and are technically reliable and expandable. The smartengine technology has been successfully installed and tested in over 15 million square feet of space since 2012. We have accompanied various building types and sizes from planning to operation. smartengine replaces numerous infrastructures and makes building planning less complex.

For data center

With smartengine, data centers benefit from improved monitoring of technology and security. The finely meshed sensor network enables area-wide real-time measurement of temperature, brightness and motion. Sensors also measure volatile organic compounds (VOC), air pressure and humidity in the data center.

smartengine enables both light-controlled and beacon-based indoor navigation. In addition, interfaces allow programmable notifications in case of unauthorized movement and thereby support your security concept.