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smartengine is a building intelligence and lighting control platform designed to power lights and sensors over an IT network infrastructure backbone. Sensors are deployed throughout a space and communicated with in real time to deliver advanced insights throughout the entire built environment.

The technology replaces conventional power infrastructure and complex BUS systems, controls and associated wiring / wireless relays, and networking equipment that is required to communicate between devices and to measure and monitor data. In its place, smartengine utilizes network cable infrastructure to deliver power, control and communication over one set of wires. This approach greatly reduces design complexity and installation cost, while at the same time providing a communication backbone for the entire building.

Sensors on each luminaire detect motion, brightness, temperature and per fixture power consumption – and deliver this data to the smartengine in real time. The networking of rooms and buildings via sensors makes it possible to quickly obtain a detailed understanding of how spaces are being used, all the while delivering best in class lighting energy savings, often measured between 0.1-0.3 W/Ft².


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The smartengine is the workhorse of the smartengine platform. Both power delivery and data communication are delivered over the 48 port, 1.5 RU rack mountable device
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The smartdirector is responsible for the logical management of up to 40 smartengines and up to 2,000 sensors.
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Gateways allow multiple channels of power to be delivered to a fixture. They can also control two channels simultaneously.
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