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Employees who feel comfortable in their office not only work more motivated, but also more productively. In order to create an optimal working atmosphere, intelligent applications, usage concepts, pleasant lighting and a good room climate can make a decisive contribution. The smartengine technology supports this by generating data for the analysis and optimization of room usage, both live (e.g. free room or desk search) and historical, and controls lighting and room climate according to the users' needs. Furthermore, this also increases your attractiveness as an employer.

In order to remain competitive in the rental and investor market and to meet future requirements, it is worthwhile investing in state-of-the-art technology. Buildings with smartengine technology are IoT-capable, future-proof and guarantee investors the value stability of their investment. The environmental benefits and digital readiness will help to win the right investors and tenants.

The demand for intelligent building systems characterizes new buildings and revitalizations in the commercial sector. It is important that these technologies meet all security and data protection requirements and are technically reliable and expandable. The smartengine technology has been successfully installed and tested in over 15 million square feet of space since 2012. We have accompanied various building types and sizes from planning to operation. smartengine replaces numerous infrastructures and makes building planning less complex.

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smartengine is a building intelligence and lighting control platform designed to power lights and sensors over an IT network infrastructure backbone. Sensors are deployed throughout a space and communicated with in real time to deliver advanced insights throughout the entire built environment. The sensors detect motion, brightness, temperature, air quality, bluetooth data and per fixture power consumption. All data is automatically delivered to the smartengine in real time. The networking of rooms and buildings via sensors makes it possible to quickly obtain a detailed understanding of how spaces are being used, all the while delivering best in class lighting energy consumption, often measured between 0.1-0.3 W/ft².

Typical Deployment

The smartengine deployment is based on standard network cables that connect all components: LED lights, smartsensors and central active components, the so-called „smartengines“ and the „smartdirector“. The smartdirector manages up to 2000 smartsensors, collects all sensor data and serves as an interface (open API and BACnet/IP) to external components such as a Building Management System (BMS). The smartengines are used to power LED-lights and sensors while simultaneously gathering and distributing sensor data. This approach greatly reduces design complexity and installation cost, while at the same time providing a communication infrastructure for the entire building.

Open API & BACnet

Using smartengine and it’s out of the box interfaces is an easy way to generate more value from your smartengine solution and thereby your building. The smartengine-technology features an open API and a BACnet/IP stack with which you can access and share all sensor data from your built space. With BACnet/IP, you can establish two-way communication between smartengine and your building management system (BMS) and its subsystems (e.g. your HVAC system). The Open API is used to integrate 3rd party applications into your smartengine solution. With our open API (rAPI & uAPI) you can access all of your smartsensor data, allowing for various Use Cases, such as asset & people tracking and Hot Desking.

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